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Saturday Singing Club

Saturday Singing Club is a fun, relaxed group run on Saturday mornings during school term time. The club takes place in the Cathedral Song School from 10-11.30am, and is aimed at children between 4 and 11 years.
The next service that the Saturday Singing Club will perform at is the Crib Service at 5.30pm on Christmas Eve, and all are welcome to attend.

The group is run by Alice Capper, an ex-chorister at the cathedral and experienced singing teacher with a Grade 8 singing qualification. The Singing Club is extremely privileged to be accompanied by the cathedral’s Assistant Organist Geoff Woollatt, who has a degree in Music Performance and hold the ARCO qualification. They are also assisted by Janet Buckmaster, the choir matron, and a team of volunteer girl choristers.
This term the singers have been learning some basic music theory, as well as lots of new songs for Halloween and Christmas. After Christmas they will be learning about good singing technique, including posture, breathing and listening to each other and the accompanist, as well as preparing for their annual performance at the MotheringSunday Service and the Children's Ministry Service.

Children do not need to have any previous music experience, be good singers, or be able to read music to join the group. All that is necessary is a passion for singing!

The group also offers a unique training opportunity for children wishing to join Chester Cathedral Choir. The cathedral's Director and Assistant Director of Music regularly sit in on sessions, as well as hearing the group perform at cathedral services.

If you are interested in your child joining Saturday Singing Club, please contact Alice Capper on (01244) 500959 or Geoff Woollatt on (01244) 500956.



This year SingUp! is being run by Geoff Woollatt, Chester Cathedral's Assistant Organist.
Geoff goes into local schools once a week, teaching music and theory to both the children and teachers.
At the end of the summer term, all the schools will gather at the cathedral for a joint Choral Evensong with Chester Cathedral Choir to demonstrate what they have learned.
More details will follow soon.
Some schools are working towards the Silver SingUp award, details of which can be found here:

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