KS3, KS4 and KS5

Our KS3/ KS4 and above tours and workshops are frequently created to match a school/ university's own scheme of work across a variety of subject areas. Consider using the building to explore local history, as a stimulus for creative and visual arts, or to enhance the classroom teaching of your subject.

Woodchurch High School, an Academy with a Church of England Trust and the Education Department have developed two tour/ workshop sessions to offer learning-outside-the-classroom experiences in RE. All Year 7 learners visit to consider ‘Christian Rites of Passage’ and the Year 9 learners explore ‘Eucharist’. Please contact The Education Department for further information or to tailor visits for your school or college. 

What teachers say:

'Our pupils always enjoy their trip to Chester Cathedral; we are always greeted with a warm and friendly welcome.  The Education Officer and the team help us to prepare for our visit and even give us follow-up work to continue our learning back in the classroom.  The tours and workshops offer relevant experience and are tailored to our needs.  I would encourage any teacher to take their class for a visit' – Mark Turner, RS Teacher, Woodchurch High School

Experts in history, philosophy and religious studies are available via the Cathedral Library to offer seminar sessions as an 'added-interest' workshop to any tours. Please enquire about these through the Education Department.

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There are many ways to support the Cathedral from donations through to buying a gift or simply enjoying a coffee in the Refectory. We welcome your support in whatever form it takes.

Refectory Cafe


The Refectory, built in the 13th century, was the dining hall for the 40 monks who belonged to the community at the time. The Refectory is open from 9:30 - 4:30 and a delicious lunch menu, fabulous cakes and free Wi-Fi!


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Online Shop

The Shop provides a full range of souvenirs, books, gifts, cards, CDs and jewellery, some unique to Chester Cathedral;  it's even possible to buy postage stamps!

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Chester Cathedral needs your help! We receive no financial subsidy from government and therefore rely on kind donations and the support of people like you. The Just Giving site is just one way to help.

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