Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 Tours and Workshops

Our regular programme of tours and workshops for Foundation Stage/ KS1 and KS2 can be accessed here. The Education Officer is always happy to work with schools to develop a programme of activity that fits the learning outcomes of the visit perfectly. You are of course welcome to visit the Cathedral without support from the Education Department at a cost of £2.00 per learner, provided that the visit is pre-booked via the Education Department.

What teachers say: 

‘We really enjoyed the visit and the children really learnt so much from the two excellent, enthusiastic guides’ (Year 2 Teacher)

‘Booking our visit was easy and effective; very helpful and informative. The children enjoyed all aspects of their visit. The tour covered all the areas the children were interested in and we were focusing on in school’ (Year 3 Teacher)

What pupils say:

‘Our first visit in Year 4 to study significant people: the children enjoyed the art work and the fact they could get so close to things- the icons in particular. The tour highlighted the points of interest to our focus in perfect detail- just the right pitch. I will definitely be coming back next year!’ (A Year 4 Teacher)

‘I enjoyed colouring the first letter of my name because I like making patterns. My favourite thing was decorating the gingerbread’ (Year 1 Pupil, about ‘Jobs the Monks did’ workshop)

 ‘I liked dressing up as a monk because when we put our hoods up we had to be silent’ (Year 3 Pupil after a tour)


‘First of all, I enjoyed the peaceful tour around the beautiful Cathedral. My favourite part was the beautiful stained glass window. I am pleased I could make one to take home’ (Year 6 Pupil, about their art-based day at the Cathedral)

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There are many ways to support the Cathedral from donations through to buying a gift or simply enjoying a coffee in the Refectory. We welcome your support in whatever form it takes.

Refectory Cafe


The Refectory, built in the 13th century, was the dining hall for the 40 monks who belonged to the community at the time. The Refectory is open from 9:30 - 4:30 and a delicious lunch menu, fabulous cakes and free Wi-Fi!


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Online Shop

The Shop provides a full range of souvenirs, books, gifts, cards, CDs and jewellery, some unique to Chester Cathedral;  it's even possible to buy postage stamps!

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Chester Cathedral needs your help! We receive no financial subsidy from government and therefore rely on kind donations and the support of people like you. The Just Giving site is just one way to help.

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